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888 Bingo

888 BingoThe 888 Poker family also offers the good old game of bingo under their 888 Bingo brand. 888 Bingo offers an added twist to the traditional game to help make the game faster and more exciting.

888 Bingo is played right from the website. There are no programs to download. Please note you must open a separate 888 Bingo account in order to play. Your 888 Poker or 888 Casino bankroll is not transferrable.

Auto Daub

888 Bingo makes it easy for you to play by offering auto daubing of game cards. When auto daub is selected, your bingo cards will automatically be marked when one of your numbers is called. When in manual mode, you mark your own card. Don’t worry though, if you are in manual mode and you miss a number, the game will still call a win for you if you have bingo.

75 Ball Bingo

Also called American Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo is the game everyone grew up playing. There are 25 boxes on a card and you win if you are the first to cover a line (across, up and down, or diagonal). Some games also have a pre-arranged pattern to make such as 4 corners and blackout.

888 75 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

Also called British Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo offers cards with 3 rows of numbers. Each row contains 5 numbers. Match all 5 numbers on a line and you have bingo. Match all 5 numbers on all 3 rows and you have a Full House which is good for even bigger prizes.

888 90 Ball Bingo

Jackpot Games

All bingo games offer progressive jackpots. Based on the time of day and the game played, get a bingo within the allotted number of balls and you win the progressive jackpot. Jackpots can reach over £10,000.

Casino Games

While you are waiting for your next bingo game to be called, you can play popular casino games. Games offered include table games, video poker, slots, and instant win games. These games can be played simultaneously with bingo games as well for double the action.

Loyalty Program

888 Bingo offers a loyalty program that rewards players with cash back, free play, and reload bonuses. There are five loyalty levels to achieve: Blue BFF, Bronze FPP, Silver BFF, Gold BFF and Platinum BFF. Loyalty levels are based on your total lifetime deposits.

  • Blue BFF - £0
  • Bronze BFF - £5 - £500
  • Silver BFF - £500+
  • Gold BFF – Invitation Only
  • Platinum BFF – Invitation Only