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888 Poker Casino Races

888 Casino, the sister site of 888 Poker, offers casino race promotions where you can walk away with some extra cash each month. Tournaments you can participate in include video poker, roulette, keno, slots, and blackjack.

Video Poker Tournament

888 Poker Video Poker TournamentThe monthly video poker tournament occurs on the 8th and 9th of each month. The leaderboard is based upon comp points earned. There are daily leaderboards where 25 players are paid with the top spot taking down $400. There is also a 2-day leaderboard with 5 places paid. The top spot takes down $2,500.


Roulette Tournament

888 Poker Roulette tournamentThe monthly roulette tournament occurs on the 15th and 16th. A total of $17,500 in prizes are given away monthly. Based on comp points earned, there are leaderboards for each day as well as a 2-day leaderboard. 100 places are paid on the daily leaderboards with the top spot winning $750. The 2-day leaderboard pays 10 places with the top spot winning $7,500.


Krazy Keno Race

888 Poker Krazy Casino RaceThe keno race occurs on the 20th of each month. Earn as many comp points as you can to earn leaderboard points. A total of 50 places are paid and the top 3 spots all earn $100.



Spin City Tournament

888 Poker Spin city TournamentPlay classic and video slot machines and earn comp points on the 22nd and 23rd each month to win up to $4,500. Daily leaderboards pay out 25 spots with the winner taking home $750. The 2-day leaderboard pays 5 players with the top spot earning $3,000.


Blackjack Attack

888 Poker Blackjack AttachePlay blackjack and earn comp points on the 27th of each month to win a share of $4,250. The leaderboard pays 50 spots with 1st place winning $1,000.