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888 Poker Racing Syndicate

888 Poker Racing Cyndicate888 Poker offers a sweet promotion where you can win a share of a race horse. Watch in excitement as your very own horse runs down the track, all for as little as $0.55.

Syndicate Details

Every other Thursday you will have a chance to win your share of a horse trained by Ralph Beckett. Win the tournament and you will have a 5% share of a horse valued at £3,000.

Being an owner has its benefits as well. Here is what being a race horse owner will get you:

  • Attend owners meetings at the Westbury Hotel to name the horse.
  • Stable visit to Kimpton Downs
  • 5% of prize money won by your horse

Qualifier Details

Check out the details of the qualifier tournaments.

  • When: Every other Thursday at 20:55 GMT
  • Buy-in: $200+20

Steps Feeders

Don’t have the $220 to enter? No problem. Steps feeders starting as low as $0.55 are available.

  • Step 1 - $0.50+0.05 – Every hour at 15 minutes past the hour
  • Step 2 - $8+0.80 – Twice daily at 17:35 GMT and 20:05 GMT
  • Step 3 - $44+4 – Saturdays and Mondays at 20:05 GMT and Thursdays at 18:00 GMT