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888 Poker Cheats

888 Poker has a highly experienced software and security team that employs the most advanced technology to detect cheating. Rest assured, if you cheat at 888 Poker, you WILL be caught.

When cheating has involved UK players, the company has referred cases to the police for further investigation.

Cheating Detection

Experienced players analyze hand histories for all forms of cheating. Reports of collusion (where players are suspected of coordinating their play to secure an unfair advantage) are reviewed and dealt with accordingly.


Programs that use a pre-determined strategy to play, also called "bots", are not permitted. Sophisticated monitoring systems ensure that attempts to cheat by using a bot rather than a live player to make decisions are quickly identified and the offender’s account is suspended.

Software Alterations

888 Poker software contains a number of security measures to ensure that it can't be modified in any way that could give a cheat an unfair advantage.

If you suspect cheating at any of your tables, immediately contact the 888 Member Support Team using the Online Help function.