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888 Poker Prohibited Software

 No software program which attempts to modify the 888 software or circumvent the 888 security processes is allowed.


888 has strict prohibitions against the use of poker “bots”, i.e. programs which take decisions for players, and has a highly sophisticated monitoring system to ensure early detection of the use of such programs.

If you see a poker bot advertised for sale on the internet, you should not part with your money. The major poker sites monitor the internet and can quickly defeat any of the bots advertised for sale.


Standard database tools such as PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager, including the use of heads-up displays, are permitted.

Prohibited Listing

There is no master list of prohibited software, but in principle any software which gives a player an unfair advantage, or that makes decisions for the player is not allowed. Any software that plays the game on behalf of the player, for example by automatically folding weak hands pre-flop, would violate the terms and conditions of the site.

If you think a program you want to use may be prohibited, contact the 888 Member Support Team using the Online Help function.