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What is a Poker Deposit Bonus?

No matter what kind of online poker games you enjoy or what stakes you play, taking advantage of a deposit bonus is a must. It's so important because it's getting paid for playing a game you'd be playing anyway. Our goal here is to give you everything that you need to make the best decisions for your bankroll.

The Online Poker Deposit Bonus Process

The process of finding and claiming the right deposit bonus will come down to a simple series of steps. We're going to walk you through these steps and show you exactly what you'll need to do, and how you'll need to do it, to get the most value.Poker Deposit Bonus

  1. Browse the available deposit bonus offers while taking note of a handful of offers that fit your stakes.
  2. Take note of how long it would take to clear the bonus and if there is any "red tape" that could prevent you from earning the full amount.
  3. Note any other factors that would strongly influence your play like stakes options or game selection.
  4. Put it all together to make the best customized decision for yourself.

It's critical to follow these instructions in the right order if you want to get the best deal. Remember: This is all about getting you the best value while avoiding potential pitfalls by using the tools that we have for you here at PokerBonus.com.

Step 1: Browse Your Options

To begin, you're going to want to open our online poker deposit bonus search engine in a new tab or window while you follow along with these instructions. On the left-hand side, you'll see a number of filters that can be used to narrow down your search if you want to look at the offers individually.

Deposit Bonus Finder

Important: Your best starting point is the bonus finder that's at the beginning of the page. Put in your stakes, blinds, deposit amount and how many hands you plan to play each day on average to get the best options with a detailed analysis right on your screen.

Make a shortlist of the top bonus offers ranked by the PokerBonus score at online poker rooms that you haven't played with before. This can be anywhere from five to ten rooms, but you don't want to make your list much longer than that. You can make this list on a piece of paper or in a text file/Word document on your computer because you'll only going to need it for a few minutes.

Step 2: Check the Terms and Conditions

No matter who you are or what you play, it's critical that you check the terms and conditions of these online poker deposit bonus specials before you dive in and deposit. Thankfully, the results you found in step one above make it easy to access these details.

FTP's Terms and Conditions

Click through on each of the items from your shortlist to find a summary of the terms of service for each bonus offer like what you see in the image above for Full Tilt Poker. The key items you'll want to focus on are:

  • Minimum deposit amounts: Some poker deposit bonus specials require that you deposit at least a certain amount to qualify.
  • Expiration date of the bonus: Most poker bonuses have a limited amount of time for you to clear the bonus itself.
  • How the bonus is paid: You need to know exactly how the bonus itself is cleared and if it's paid in increments or a lump sum.

Make a special note in your shortlist if any of these three factors seem like they could be a problem for you. You'll need this information later for your decision.

Step 3: Deposit to Claim the Bonus

We're going to walk you through the process now of how to actually deposit and claim an online poker bonus after you've downloaded the software. We'll use PokerStars as an example since their offer is so popular. While the exact windows used will be a little different, the basic process is almost exactly the same for almost any signup bonus that you take advantage of.

Note that some rooms have both a marketing code and a bonus code while some will only have one or the other. PokerStars happens to have both.

Marketing Code First

When you create your account, you'll need to enter the marketing code. All you have to do is put in the PokerBonus.com code from the instructions at our PokerStars bonus page after you select "Marketing Code (if available)" from the box on the right side of the window that you see below.

Bonus Code Second

Next, you'll actually make your deposit which will trigger the bonus being added to your account. This is done by entering your deposit method, the details for that method, the amount of your deposit and the bonus code STARS600 into the window shown here:

PokerStars Bonus Code

Once this is finished, your online poker deposit bonus will be automatically added to your account, and you're ready to start playing.

Step 4: Check Your Bonus Status as You Play

Now you can go ahead and start playing. Your bonus will be released according to the terms and conditions, and you'll be able to check the bonus status section of the software to see how much of your deposit bonus has been cleared and how much of it is yet to be released.

PokerStars Bonus Status

Remember that the specific windows used will look a little different depending on which online poker room that you're playing with, but it'll always give you the same kind of information.

Play and Earn

As you play, you'll be earning points that help you to clear your bonus. At PokerStars, for example, these points are called VPPs. You earn VPPs through contributing to the rake.

The way that points are awarded can vary from room to room, game to game, and currency to currency.

We'll use the US dollar as an example since that's the main currency used at PokerStars. You'll need to earn 17 VPPs for each dollar that you release of your bonus. How you earn VPPs will vary based on which games you're playing.

  • Tournaments: For both MTTs and SNGs, you'll be given 5.5 VPPs for each dollar you pay in tournament fees.
  • Full Ring Cash Games: For cash games that have eight or more seats (even if they are not all filled), you'll earn 6 VPPs for each dollar in rake that you contribute to the pot.
  • Short-Handed Cash Games: With cash games that have seven or fewer seats, players are given 5.5 VPPs per dollar contributed to rake.

Because the PokerStars bonus is released in $10 increments, you'll be given a piece of your bonus for every 170 VPPs that you earn.

The Time Investment for Poker Deposit Bonus Offers

You'll notice that this process we have outlined above takes a small time investment. This will put off some players who are eager to get in on the action. However, keep in mind that the value you earn in these deposit bonus offers are just like the value you can win at the tables.

If you take an extra five minutes to get an extra $100 in value that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise, then you're going to be making $1,200/hour during that five minutes. We believe that's worth it, and we believe that you'll think it's worth it too.

Watch This Video to See How to Claim Online Poker Bonuses

We know that a lot of people out there are visual learners. That's why we have put together a video here that will walk you through the process of claiming an online poker bonus step-by-step. Follow along while this video tutorial shows you everything you need to know about getting in on the action with our excellent selection of bonus offers.