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Americas Cardroom DDoS Attacks

Along with many other online poker rooms Americas Cardroom, has experienced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, most recently during Million Dollar Sunday tournaments.

What are DDoS attacks?

Hackers carry out DDoS attacks by using botnets to flood websites - in this case the Winning Poker Network's servers - with an overwhelming amount of ping traffic, to oversaturate its connection bandwidth and cause it to crash.

Read more about the different types of DDoS attack on Wikipedia.

Commonly high-profile web servers - e.g those of banks, companies or government agencies - are targetted.

DDoS Attacks Americas Cardroom

Should I be worried?

DDoS attacks on online poker rooms are reasonably common and don't compromise players' personal information, banking information, etc. Instead they cause slowdown, disconnections and cancellation of tournaments.

In those instances the Winning Poker Network refunds buy ins. 

Americas Cardroom DDoS Mitigation Team

In an October 2015 statement ACR explained how they implement a 'pause tournament' feature to stop gameplay until the DDoS issue is resolved.

Due to this and other technical solutions downtime has been limited to around 30 - 40 seconds, and with the timebank feature no one has missed hands during recent DDoS attacks.

That was a marked improvement from the inaugural Million Dollar Sunday event in December 2014 being cancelled. Lag from the first hand onwards caused that tournament to be unplayable.


One possible motivation for hackers to attacks Americas Cardroom during a $1M GTD event is that connection issues can prevent players from registering. 

This costs the network money by missing it's guarantee. Americas Cardroom averaged around $200,000 in overlay per MDS event, until later deciding to switch to $500k GTD events with half the buy in.


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