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Bovada Poker Bonus Code for September 2016

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Join Bovada.lv and your first deposit amount will be matched 100% up to a $1,000 bonus.

Signup Bonus

  1. Poker Room: Bovada Poker
  2. Bonus Offer: $1,000
  3. Bonus Code: No Bonus Code Required
  4. Receive this bonus automatically on your first deposit
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What You Need To Know

  • Minimum deposit $20
  • Expires after 60 days
  • Paid out in 6 instalments.

Bovada Poker Bonus Code Review

Bovada Poker Deposit Bonus Clear Rate

The Bovada Poker first deposit bonus clearing requirements are 833.33 VIP Points (known on Bovada Poker as Poker Points) per $166.67 cleared.

On Bovada Poker players earn Poker Points in cash games and tournaments as follows:

- 1 Poker Points per $1 rake in 6-Max cash

- 1 Poker Points per $1 rake in Full Ring cash

- 3 Poker Points per $1 in MTT / SNG fees

This means the Bovada Poker bonus releases $166.67 into your account for every:

- $833.33 rake in 6-Max cash

- $833.33 rake in Full Ring cash

- $277.78 in MTT / SNG fees

After your first time deposit using the bonus code (if necessary) listed above, you can monitor your bonus clearing progress within the client. Bonus money cleared is yours to play with or withdraw.

Bovada Poker Bonus Value

While being released your the Bovada Poker bonus is equivalent to:

- 20% cashback in 6-Max cash

- 20% cashback n Full Ring cash

- 60% cashback in MTT / SNGs

This is in addition to the value of all other VIP rewards and promotions on Bovada Poker. 

As an online poker player, you should think of deposit bonus money as a rebate on the poker site's rake structure for an initial welcome period. Specifically, on Bovada Poker this period is your first 60 days of play.

Thinking in terms of the cost to play or 'effective rake' - rake minus bonuses and any other cashback or VIP rewards - and how long that discount lasts is better than just looking at the absolute value of the bonus.

Bovada Poker Bonus Code was reviewed by the team of PokerBonus.com and earned a rating of 3/5.

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  • $500Max bonus (based on your deposit size)
  • $500Bonus you will earn
  • $10.17Average cleared per day
  • 50/60 DaysTime taken to clear

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This calculator was completed using 80.7 million hands of research.
It's based on real hands played on all major networks including: PokerStars, 888Poker, iPoker, PartyPoker Bodog, and more.

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  • What You Will Earn

    Based on a $500 deposit and your gameplay, you could earn $500 out of $1,000 from this signup bonus.

    Bonus earned per day $10.17 on average
    First bonus release After 7200 hands or 9 days
    Bonus installments 6 payments of $84
    Time to clear this bonus 50/60 Days
    • Theoretically, it would take you 99 days to play out the maximum $1,000 bonus
  • What If You Played Higher Stakes

    By playing 1 level higher stakes (100NL6M) your bonus would clear 44% faster.

    Bonus Cleared $500 out of $1,000 ($0.00)
    Bonus Earned Per Day $17.99 (+$7.83)
    First Bonus Release After 5 Days
    Installments Number of increments
    Time to Clear This Bonus 28/60 Days

Bovada Poker Bonus Structure

  • Bonus Setup

    These features define the size of your maximum bonus, based on your first deposit amount.

    Bonus Type Signup
    Max Bonus $1,000
    Match Percentage 100%
    Minimum Deposit $20
    Bonus Code
  • How This Bonus Clears

    These rules explain how Bovada Poker will pay out the bonus, and how long you'll have to clear it.

    Bonus Expires After 60 Days
    Clears Against Points
    Clearing Multiplier 10.55x
    Release Type Number of increments
    Round-up Pay

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100% up to $1,000 Signup Bonus

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