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Bovada Deposit Bonus - Up to 60% Returns

Bovada's welcome bonus offer is 100% up to $1,000 with no bonus code required. The bonus is equivalent to 60% cashback in tournaments and 20% in cash games.

Deposit Bonus Clear Rate

The Bovada bonus releases in six instalments as you play and earn Poker Points. Players earn 1 Poker Point per $1 rake paid in cash games, and 3 Poker Points per $1 in tournament fees paid - track your points total in the Bovada client.

Releasing all instalments requires 5,000 Poker Points, i.e. $5,000 rake in cash games, $1,666 rake in tournaments or a combination of the two. Instalments are released as you hit the target levels shown below:

Instalment Level Poker Points Target Bonus Issued Cumulative Bonus
1 50 $10 $10
2 250 $40 $50
3 750 $100 $150
4 1,500 $150 $300
5 3,000 $300 $600
6 5,000 $400 $1,000

Players have 60 days to earn as many instalments as they can. Bonus cash is released directly into your Bovada account.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Refer a friend to Bovada and you receive 200% of the amount they deposit, up to $100. Referring friends can be done once you download the software and set up an account. Then visit Bovada.lv to message your friends with a custom referral link.

US players can also earn a $100 up to $1,000 bonus at Americas Cardroom.