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2015 update - Carbon Poker remains open but is closed to affiliate referals, therefore we can no longer offer support or exclusive promotions. PokerBonus recommends Americas Cardroom, US friendly with 27% daily cashback and a $1,000 signup bonus.

Carbon Poker Odds Calculator

Carbon Poker Odds CalculatorThe free Carbon Poker Odds Calculator helps players with calculating outs, pot odds, real-time statistics, and much, much more. Available for both Hold’em and Omaha, you will be playing better in no time.

Odds and Outs

The Carbon Poker Odds Calculator at its most basic form is, as the name implies, an odds calculator. The calculator displays how many outs you have and the odds of hitting your hand. The calculator also computes the pot odds you are getting when facing a bet.

Carbon Poker Odds Calculator Outs and Pot Odds


Probably the greatest tool the odds calculator provides is a heads-up display, or HUD. You can view various stats on your opponents that help you make decisions at the table in real-time. The HUD works similar to products such as Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker.

Just a few of the stats you will receive from the HUD include:

  • PFR – Pre-flop raise percentage
  • VPIP – Money voluntarily put into the pot
  • CBet – The percentage of the time a player continuation bets flops
  • AF – Calculates the overall aggression of a player

The HUD display is completely customizable so you can add and remove the stats to suit you. If you want full stats on a player, simply click the HUD stats for that player and a pop-up box will display everything.

Carbon Poker Odds Calculator HUD

Hand Replayer

The built in hand replayer allows you to go back and look at any and all hands you have played. This tool allows you to fine tune your game and plug any leaks you may have.