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2015 update - Carbon Poker remains open but is closed to affiliate referals, therefore we can no longer offer support or exclusive promotions. PokerBonus recommends Americas Cardroom, US friendly with 27% daily cashback and a $1,000 signup bonus.

Carbon Poker Cheats

Carbon Poker CheatsCarbon Poker does not have any special software cheats that can be used to beat the game. If you attempt to cheat in any way, Carbon Poker will suspend your account any you may lose all of your money. Simply put, don't do it.

Artificial Intelligence

Carbon Poker does not allow any use of artificial intelligence to determine action for a player. You are not allowed to use bots or any other computer program to tell you what plays to make. According to the Terms and Conditions at Carbon Poker, you are not allowed to gain an "unfair advantage" by using these programs.

The Carbon Poker website does not specifically list programs that are prohibited. If you have a question whether something is allowed or not, you should contact Carbon Poker Support for an answer.


Use of Heads-Up Displays (or HUDs) are allowed at the tables. Carbon Poker even provides an odds calculator that includes a HUD for use at the tables. All of the information populating your HUD must be garnered from your play alone. You are not allowed to buy hand histories from any person or website.

Cheating Detection

Carbon Poker has the right to monitor programs that are running on your computer while you are playing in order to detect any cheating software.

If you suspect a player is cheating, you should contact Carbon Poker Support with the name of the players so proper research can be completed.