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2015 update - Carbon Poker remains open but is closed to affiliate referals, therefore we can no longer offer support or exclusive promotions. PokerBonus recommends Americas Cardroom, US friendly with 27% daily cashback and a $1,000 signup bonus.

Carbon Poker Prohibited Software

Carbon Poker's general policy on third-party software is one you'd expect on a safe, fair online poker site - that your actions should be your own, without assistance or advice from other sources.

The programs listed below are considered unfair by Carbon, and are either not allowed under any circumstances, or not allowed while playing. 

Prohibited at all times

Players risk having their account closed and balance frozen if they are found to be using the types of software listed below. Carbon Poker reserves the right to monitor running programs on players' computers.


  • Shanky Bot
  • WinHoldem
  • OpenHoldem
  • ICM-Bot
  • Poker Android
  • Frogbot
  • Custom scripts or autofolders that make decisions for the player


Data Mining

  • Poker Edge
  • SpadeEye
  • Poker Crusher
  • HandHQ
  • IdleMiner
  • Bought or shared hand histories from games that the player didn't participate in



  • Poker Sherlock
  • Lobby Edge
  • Sixth Sense
  • Poker Crusher
  • Poker Table Finder

Prohibited during play

Players may have the following programs installed but not running while at the tables.

Automated Calculators

  • Online Holdem Inspector
  • Poker Calculator Pro
  • SNG Endgame Tools
  • Short Stacking Strategy Calculator
  • Poker Hound
  • Custom-built services automatically providing live probabilities in-game


Statistics Websites

  • PokerTableRatings (PTR)
  • SharkScope
  • Top Shark
  • Smart Buddy

The above list isn't exhaustive; Carbon Poker will review any programs on a case by case basis and ban those it deems offer players an unfair advantage.