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PokerStars Allowed 3rd Party Software

PokerStars Approved SoftwarePokerStars has taken a lead in prohibiting software that gives any player an unfair advantage.

In principle, software which helps do anything you could do at a live table is permitted. Software which takes decisions independently or provides information which the player hasn’t obtained by playing is prohibited.

Software Tools

Software tools that simplify the mathematics of the game by displaying odds, or recommending starting hands are all OK. Database based applications like Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker which create profiles of opponents’ tendencies based on a player’s previous experience with the opponents are also legal. However, building player profiles by buying hand histories and importing them into such a database is not allowed.


Applications that simplify playing procedures or help with multitabling are all permitted so long as they do not automatically make the bets without player input. Macros and customized hot key programs like AutoHotKey which manage tables and provide no standard input options for playing commands are all acceptable.

Permitted Software Tools

The list below shows which software is explicitly permitted by PokerStars. If in any doubt, contact the PokerStars Support Team to confirm whether using a program not on either list is in accordance with their Terms & Conditions.

  • Auto HandPoster
  • BlazingStars
  • Calculatem Pro
  • Coach Rounder
  • DoN Indicator
  • DonkeyTracker
  • Draw Poker Source
  • FlopZilla
  • FlopZoom
  • FPP Pro Plus
  • FreePokerDB
  • Gam Poker Analyzer
  • GameTime+
  • Hold'em Cockpit
  • Holdem Genius
  • Holdem Helpem
  • Holdem Indicator
  • Holdem Manager (incl Table Scanner)
  • Holdem Partner
  • Hold'em Profiler (incl Super HUD)
  • Holdem Ranger (incl RealTime HUD)
  • HoldemLuck
  • Holy Grail of Poker
  • KayTeEmPro's Odds Calculator
  • LongHUD
  • MagicHoldem
  • NoteCaddy
  • NotesNL
  • Official Poker Rankings
  • Omaha Brain
  • Omaha Indicator
  • Omaha Poker Coach
  • Perfect Reads
  • PH_Stars
  • PlayerGPS
  • PlayerPeek
  • Poker Academy Prospector
  • Poker Buddy
  • Poker Butler
  • Poker Calculator Pro
  • Poker Copilot
  • Poker EV
  • Poker Evolution Equilab
  • Poker Evolver
  • Poker Indicator
  • Poker Juggernaut
  • Poker Office
  • Poker Potjie
  • Poker Pro Labs
  • Poker Sharpener
  • Poker Shortcuts
  • Poker Sleuth
  • Poker Sniffer
  • Poker Stove
  • Poker Vitals
  • Poker Weapon
  • Poker Wingman
  • PokerAce HUD
  • PokerEval
  • Pokerface
  • PokerGrapher
  • PokerHands
  • PokerObserver HUD
  • Poker-Spy
  • PokerStat
  • PokerStrategy Elephant
  • PokerStrategy Equilator
  • PokerTracker (incl TableTracker)
  • Pot Odd Rechner
  • PPA Poker Calculator
  • Sharktoolz Bankroll Manager
  • Sharktoolz Poker-Reader
  • SitnGo Wizard
  • SmartBuddy
  • Slice
  • Star Tracker
  • StoxPoker Combo
  • Stud Indicator
  • Table of Interest
  • Table Shark
  • TableNinja
  • TableScan Turbo
  • Telescope by SpadeIt
  • Texas Calculatem
  • ThePokerDB
  • TiltBreaker
  • Tournament Indicator
  • Tournament Shark
  • Tournament Updater
  • Tourney Manager

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