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PokerStars Prohibited Software

PokerStars Prohibited SoftwarePokerStars prohibits certain software that could give any player an unfair advantage. Programs that use databases of hands which have not been played by the account holder are not allowed.

In principle, PokerStars tries to ensure that programs which help players to manage their play, by for example, assigning hotkeys for frequent commands are all acceptable. However those that automate player decisions for them, are not.

Automatic Decision Making

Programs that make decisions for players are generically banned. Poker is a game of skill and PokerStars is determined to ensure that games are fair. PokerStars ensures decisions at the table are made and enacted by the players themselves.

PokerStars cancelled their 2015 rake increases after player feedback - it remains the lowest rake online poker room.


Any form of automated playing program (known as a “bot”) is expressly prohibited, as is any program which acts for the player by, for example, auto-folding weak hands.

Prohibited Software Listing

The list of prohibited programs is added to regularly so if you are in any doubt, contact PokerStars Support for a definitive answer.

Currently the officially prohibited list of programs is:

  • Auto HandPoster
  • BlazingStars
  • Calculatem Pro
  • Coach Rounder
  • ColoringTool
  • DoN Indicator
  • DonkeyTracker
  • Draw Poker Source
  • EasySeatPro
  • FlopZilla
  • FlopZoom
  • FPP Pro Plus
  • FreePokerDB (aka FPDB)
  • Gam Poker Analyzer
  • GameTime+
  • Hold'em Cockpit
  • Hold'em Genius
  • Hold'em Helpem
  • Hold'em Indicator
  • Hold’em Manager (incl Table Scanner)
  • Hold’em Manager 2 (incl Hold'em Manager Sync)
  • Hold'em Partner
  • Hold'em Profiler (incl Super HUD)
  • Hold'em Ranger (incl RealTime HUD)
  • Hold'emLuck
  • Holy Grail of Poker
  • iToldem
  • KayTeEmPro's Odds Calculator
  • LobbyHunter
  • LongHUD
  • MacroPoker
  • MagicHold'em
  • NoteCaddy
  • NotesNL
  • Official Poker Rankings
  • Omaha Brain
  • Omaha Indicator
  • Omaha Poker Coach
  • Open Tool
  • Perfect Reads
  • PH Stars
  • PlaceMint
  • PlayerGPS
  • PlayerPeek
  • Poker Adademy Prospector
  • Poker Buddy
  • Poker Butler
  • Poker Calculator Pro by PokerLabs
  • Poker Copilot
  • Poker EV
  • Poker Evolver
  • Poker Indicator
  • Poker Office
  • Poker Potite
  • Poker Pro Labs (incl Super HUD)
  • Poker Sharpener
  • Poker Shortcuts
  • Poker Sleuth
  • Poker Sniffer
  • Poker Stove
  • Poker Vitals
  • Poker Weapon
  • Poker Wingman
  • Poker Ace HUD
  • PokerDebugger
  • PokerEval (Registered Version Only)
  • Pokerface
  • PokerGrapher
  • PokerHands
  • PokerObserver HUD
  • Poker-Spy
  • PokerStat
  • PokerStrategy Elephant
  • PokerStrategy Equilator
  • PokerStrategy Sidekick
  • PokerStrategy Equalib
  • PokerTableStats
  • PokerTracker (incl Table tracker)
  • Poker Odd Rechner
  • PPA Poker Calculator
  • PokerProTools Odds Oracle

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