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PokerStars Security

PokerStars Pro Rafa NadalThe first line of defense for your PokerStars account is you. You should not let anyone else play on your account, and you should ensure that your password for the PokerStars software stays secret.

When deciding on your password, use at least 9 characters in a combination of letters and numbers. Don’t write your password down and leave it close to your computer, and don’t share it with anyone.

There are many horror stories of players who have not paid attention to their account security and have had thousands of dollars stolen from their accounts, often by people known to them.

PokerStars offers 2 forms of enhanced security, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or a RSA Security Token.

Activate a PIN

On the Account Menu, select “Login Security Settings” and click the button next to “Request your PokerStars PIN”.

Request PokerStars PIN

You will be sent an email containing a PIN. When you have your PIN you must go back to the “Login Security Settings” menu and tick the checkbox that says “Enable PokerStars PIN”.

When you next log in, you will see a second security window after you have correctly entered your password. The numbers on this graphic change position every time you log in so that no one can detect your PIN by tracking your mouse position or keystrokes.

Use your mouse to enter the PIN you have been sent. If you use your computer where other people can see you should NOT tick the checkbox to “Show PokerStars PIN characters”. If you want to change your PIN you can do so from the “Login Security Settings” menu.

RSA Security Token

The RSA Security token is a small electronic device which generates a new code every time you log in. It is free to Supernova Elite players, and can be bought from the PokerStars VIP store for Frequent Player Points (FPPs) by other players. The cost for each VIP level is:

  • Bronze - 4,500 FPPs
  • Silver - 3,000 FPPs
  • Gold - 2,500 FPPs
  • Platinum - 2,000 FPPs
  • Supernova - 1,500 FPPs

It is also possible to log in without the Security Token by using a special 1-time password. A sheet of 50 one time passwords will be sent to you with your Security Token, and additional sheets can be purchased from the VIP Store for 500 FPPs each.

Software Security

PokerStars uses validation procedures to ensure that the client you download and install has not been altered in any way. PokerStars servers are authenticated using Certificate Authority and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols are used to encrypt information sent over the internet.

Game Fairness

The more poker you play, the more extreme your bad beat stories will be, as you experience the full range of variance. Players who are not comfortable with probability constantly complain on internet forums that the game is “rigged”. PokerStars manages its games to ensure that it has no financial interest in their outcome and all its employees and their immediate family are forbidden to play on the site.

PokerStars uses a sophisticated random number generator to “shuffle” the cards and the fairness of its deals have been checked by third party auditors Cigital Inc.

If you are in any doubt about any element of game security or the security of your account, contact PokerStars Support and you will receive immediate and comprehensive support.

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