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WSOP New Jersey offers apps for both Apple iOS and Android powered mobile devices. The big advantage for the poker room is that people can play poker during breaks at work, and are not just confined to playing at peak hours.

WSOP Android Poker App for Tablets and Smartphones

The Android app is available for download direct from the WSOP.com website. It is not available on Google Play which doesn’t allow real money poker apps.The app features cash games, sit & go (SNG) tournaments and scheduled tournaments, but at the time of writing, only No Limit Hold’em variants were offered.

Stakes available range from 5c/10c to $2/$4, not as wide as the range available on the desktop poker client.

Multi-table tournaments (MTT) are listed in the lobby in the order in which they start, so it’s easy to decide if one is beginning shortly.

Using the app removes any form of table selection at cash games. You have to set the filters for the game and stakes you want to play, then are seated at the first available table.

Only one table can be played at a time.

Bets are made in three ways, using the normal bet slider, selecting a fraction of the pot (1/4, ½, ¾ or FULL), or by using the touch screen to measure the betsize in minimum increments.

WSOP iPhone Poker App

The WSOP iPhone app is probably the best of those available in the New Jersey market.

The app provides a wide range of tournaments, but not the full schedule offered on the PC client. Cash game functions are excellent, but again there are fewer options than available with the desktop version.

Unusually, the WSOP iPhone app also allows access to some of the casino games offered by the site. The range is limited to those which work best on a mobile device—or at least those which have been ported across to the Apple iOS. 

Table action is fast and the screen controls work effectively to set bet sizes and make bet, call or fold decisions.