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WSOP New Jersey offers the best online poker mobile app for Apple iPhones in the state regulated market.

The WSOP iPhone app provides a wide range of tournaments, but not the full schedule offered on the PC client. Cash game functions are excellent, but again there are fewer options than available with the desktop version. 

Unusually, the WSOP iPhone app also allows access to some of the casino games offered by the site. The range is limited to those which work best on a mobile device—or at least those which have been ported across to the Apple iOS. 

Table action is fast and the screen controls work effectively to set bet sizes and make bet, call or fold decisions.

As an option for playing online poker in New Jersey, WSOP's iPhone app provides the best compromise of functionality and game availability. 

Players should have few worries about disconnection problems as the app automatically re-seats players at their table when it restarts after connection has been lost.