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WSOP Announcers

WSOP Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) announcers are Norman Chad and Lon McEachern, once dubbed 'poker's odd couple' by Gary Wise at ESPN.

Their antics in the commentary box debatably played their part in the online poker boom, as first Chad joined McEachern for the 2003 WSOP broadcasts, the year Chris MoneyMaker won it all.

Recently even the WSOP itself launched an online poker site, WSOP Poker

Norman Chad

Originally a failed stand-up comic then a sportswriter at the Washington Post, Norman is in part famous for making funny quips about failed marriages while passing comment on WSOP players.

"Norman Chad doesn't get enough credit. Without him, there is no boom." - Matt Maranx, ESPN producer 2003 - 2010

The iconic line even part-time poker fans will know him for however, is 'This is beyond fairy tale... it's inconceivable!' when describing Moneymakers steamrollering of the final few tables at the WSOP main event.

WSOP Announcers

Lon (left) and Norman (right) side by side announcing the WSOP

Lon McEachern

Known as the 'voice of poker', Lon is the sober, sensible complement to Norman's raw humor. He focuses more on narrating the play by play action.

Lon manned the campus radio station while studying for his BA in Communications at UC Santa Barbara, and went on to present radio at KTMS, before being picked up by ESPN for the X Games.

Best of Norman & Lon

Can't remember the WSOP announcers' voices? We've got you covered (Norman is the funny one).

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