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Frequently Asked Questions - PokerBonus.com

Following are some of the most asked questions about bonuses PokerBonus.com has to offer. If you have any questions or don't see your answer listed below, please email [email protected] and someone will help you within two business days.

1. What bonuses do poker rooms offer?

Online poker rooms offer numerous types of bonuses. The bonuses are broken down into 3 types. See the list of links below to learn more about each type.

2. Why should I open a poker room account through PokerBonus.com?

PokerBonus.com has conducted 80.7 million hands of data-mining to create the most advanced poker bonus calculator.   Use the calculator to see the top offers we've negotiated and which poker rooms are right for your playing style and stakes. Think of our website as a one-stop shop for the best online poker bonuses available.  

3. What is a bonus code?

When you sign up for a new poker room account, the room sometimes asks for a signup code or a bonus code. This code is used to ensure you receive the bonus that PokerBonus.com has negotiated with the room. Using this code will give you the best bonus available. However, sometimes no bonus code is required.  When this is the case, that information will be clearly stated. 

4. Where can I view my bonus details?

Although it varies from room to room, your bonus balance is generally available in the cashier screen of the poker room game client.  Poker rooms usually list your current bonus balance, how much you have cleared, and how close you are to the next release of bonus funds. Please check the specific room website for further details or contact their support.