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86 Funniest Screen Names

Funny Screen NamesThe ultimate list of 18+ black humor online screennames, seen by players and shared on forums. Warning - political correctness is thrown out of the window.

Using one of these nicks is sure to either get a laugh or put your opponents on tilt. Some might say the right sn can even give you an edge at the tables.

The Biggest Poker Pot EverBiggest Poker Pot Ever

In Nov '09 the biggest pot in online poker history went down between Victor 'Isildur1' and Patrick Antonius at a Full Tilt Poker $500/$1,000 PLO table.

The winner took down $1,356,946.50 in a single hand. See video replays, analysis and crunch the numbers.

Top 10 Poker Movies of All Time

Poker Quotes in Film

Planning a poker night? Play one of these films to get the action going, from iconic classics to recent blockbuster hits.

We countdown our all time top ten, including The Grand, Runner Runner, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story and others. Check out the trailers on YouTube.

Poker Chip TricksTop 7 Poker Chip Tricks

Video tutorials for seven of the most impressive poker chips tricks to pull off at the tables - the Index Finger Rollover, the Chiproll, the Shadow Pass, the Ten Chip Shuffle, the Three Chip Divide & Spin, the Thumb Rollover, and the Yoyo.

Entertain friends and family with your chip trick skills.

Top 10 Poker Quotes

Movie quotes are how a number of beginning players catch the online poker bug. Nothing like funny poker quips and catchy one-liners from iconic characters oozing cool to get you craving some card action.

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing PokerThe famous series of 1903 paintings by C.M. Coolidge depicting man's best friend playing the game of poker.

Also, we match poker playing styles to dog breeds, from the nitty Chihuahua to the LAG Pitbull. Canine-themed poker entertainment.

How would your pet play?

Top 7 Poker Gifts

Top 7 Poker Gifts

Racking your brains for poker present ideas? Seems like the poker player in your life has everything already?

From instructional DVDs to automatic card shufflers, our top 7 poker gift ideas may help you out. Other than #7, all can be found on Amazon.

Best Poker Cards

Best Poker CardsAnother simple gift idea, or investment for your home poker games.

Kem and Copag brand playing cards are premium quality, tear-resistant 100% PVC plastic.

Get links to the manufacturers' website, and pricing information for the 'world's finest playing cards'.

Veganism & Poker

Veganism & Poker'Funny' in the sense of being a novel concept - but could being vegan make you a better poker player?

Health and watching your diet are certainly not common traits of poker players, but Daniel Negreanu, Ed Miller and Cyndy Violette are notable examples of vegans who've found success at the tables.

Funny poker articles have you itching to play? US citizens can at Americas Cardroom and Bovada.