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Biggest Poker Pot Ever

The largest pot in online poker history was played at a Full Tilt Poker $500/$1,000 PLO table, in November 2009 between Victor 'Isildur1' and Patrick Antonius. The winner took down $1,356,946.50 in a single hand.

Biggest Poker Pot Ever - AntoniusOnline Poker Record Pot - Video

The highest big bet game stakes are $200/$400 on PokerStars and $500/$1000 on Full Tilt Poker (fixed limit has higher stakes, but pots can't grow beyond a certain number of bets).

It was at the latter that the biggest poker pot ever was played, on November 21, 2009, deep into the European winter.

Unknown Swede Viktor Blom, at the height of his epic burst onto the high stakes scene as 'Isildur1', logged onto Full Tilt and challenged Finnish pro Patrik Antonius to a multitable session of $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha.

Hand History

PTR caught the hand action, Full Tilt hand 16204298185 at cash table 'Royal Guard'.

Rail chat exploded, and the High Stakes Thread for that month on the TwoPlusTwo forums saw 3.9m views.

The Action

Blom began the hand with $677,000 in chips, Antonius $1,258,000. Action was raised to $9,000 preflop, a '3x9x game' where the two players had agreed to pot and re-pot preflop regardless of their hole cards

  • Blom, effectively now looking at his hole cards, 4b to $27,000 
  • Antonius 5b to $81,000
  • Blom requested time, then called for a $162k pot
  • Antonius bet a little over half pot, $91k on 4♠ 5♣ 2♥
  • Blom made a pot sized 3b to $435k, effectively all-in, Antonius raised the remainder of Blom's stack
  • Blom called, turning over 6♦ 9♠ 7♦ 8♥ versus Antonius' A♥ 3♠ K♠ K♥
  • The board ran out 5♥ 9♣ and Antonius won the biggest poker pot ever, $1.35m, with a straight

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Hand with Commentary

Youtube user and railbird Pawel Nazarewicz expertly broke down the action with context from previous pots.

Biggest Poker Pot Ever - Equities


At first glance, Blom's play appears reckless committing all his chips with no pair, no backdoor flush draw.

However PLO is a funny game, and in fact he still had 45.4% equity in the pot with so many outs and two cards to come.

He also had a chance to fold out worse hands in Antonius' range with his large flop raise, and take down the pot there with 9 high and a wrap straight draw.

As it happened Antonius wasn't folding, flopping the second nuts with two backdoor flush draws against an aggressive opponent.

Antonius beat his own record for the largest online pot, set a few days earlier when he won a $878k hand, also against Blom.

Biggest Poker Pot Ever - Victor Blom

Viktor Blom later took down $1,254,400 in a single event at the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and landed a Full Tilt Poker sponsorship thanks to his online escapades.