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Dogs Playing Poker

In 1903 C.M. Coolidge began a series of light-hearted paintings titled "Dogs Playing Poker".  These paintings were made for advertising cigars.  9 of the 16 paintings in the series have been reproduced in several styles.

Bold Bluff

Dogs, like people have many different personalities.  If dogs were to actually play poker certain breeds would be more likely to pick up certain styles.


The Chihuahua would be a tight, by the book player. It would only play the best hands and would play them very aggressively. It might be capable of making a continuation bet, but will be folding anything but the nuts to a raise.

Player Type: TAG, Nit
Player Stats: Break Even to Small Loser


The Pit-bull would be playing a lot of hands very agressively. Its prime goal would be to acquire as many chips as possible or bust early and move to the next tournament. It will experience a lot of variance and be tough to beat if it gets on a roll.

Player Type: Loose-Aggressive, manical
Player Stats: Losing player with big swings in both directions



The Boxer would be one of the better players in the game. He would have the aggression of the Pit-bull but knows when to back off. It would understand position and understand which other dogs to use his aggression against.

Player Type: Semi-Pro, Reg, Solid
Player Stats: Solid Winner

Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

The Labrador would be considered the "pro" of the game. It would understand having a balance of aggression, understanding position, reading other players, and being friendly. There wouldn't be much you can do when playing a Lab other than watching and taking notes on how they get the job done.

Player Type: Pro, skilled in all playing styles
Player Stats: Big Winner



The bulldog would be the most passive player at the table. It would play any ace pre-flop, and call down with anything. It will passively play anything it considers playable. It would be tough to bluff but would never raise without the nuts.

Player Type: Calling Station, Loose/Passive
Player Stats: Big Loser with small  infrequent wins

Most players will fall into one of these categories and will probably change from time to time. If you were a dog, what kind of a poker player would YOU be?