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Poker Chip Tricks

Top 7 Poker Chip Tricks - Video

Poker players are always looking for things to do between hands. Sometimes it can be quite a while before you get a playable hand, or the current hand could be taking a long time. One of the ways poker players can entertain themselves is by performing poker chip tricks. It can look impressive and intimidating at the poker tables. 

Poker Chip Trick Video Tutorials

The Index Finger Rollover

The index finger rollover works similar to the thumb rollover. This chip trick can be learned with as little as three chips. Difficulty: 3/5

The Chiproll

Once you have the handling of the chips down in the rollover chips tricks, learning the chiproll is made much simpler. This should be practiced at home before going to the casino and having your chips roll off in different directions. Difficulty: 3/5

The Shadow Pass

The Shadow Pass will take some time and good reflexes. This is another chip trick to be practiced somewhere away from the tables until you have mastered it. Difficulty: 4/5

The Ten Chip Shuffle

The ten chip shuffle takes players sometime since each finger plays an important part. It can require a lot of practice. Difficulty: 5/5

The Three Chip Divide & Spin

The Divide & Spin is another chip trick that has a lot going on. Each finger plays an important role to divide and spin the chips respectively.  Difficulty: 4/5

The Thumb Rollover

The thumb rollover is a basic poker chip trick that helps players learn the basic hand positions for many chip tricks. It can be practiced with as few as three chips. Difficulty: 3/5

The Yoyo

One of the more difficult poker chip tricks to learn, the yoyo requires a good table and/or two good poker chips.  Players should try this at home before taking this to the casino. Difficulty: 5/5