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Top 7 Poker Gifts

It's not always easy to buy gifts for the poker player in your life, especially if it seems like they already have everything they need. But there is always a gift you can give to a poker player that they will use and appreciate.

Poker players are usually very happy with a deck of cards, a basic table and some competition. Perhaps a poker movie together at home. But with a little creativity, you can get your poker player a gift they will never forget.

1. Real Poker Table

The central items most poker players need are a deck of cards and good poker chips. A truly enthusiastic poker player will want to host poker nights at their place, and that usually means the standard, square card table and some chairs.

Top 7 Poker Gifts - Real Poker Table

Instead of allowing your poker player to put up with a generic playing environment, you should give them the gift of a real poker table complete with a felt surface. This is one of those poker gifts that seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many poker players do not have a real poker table at home.

2. Decorative Playing Card Box

Have you noticed that your poker player puts their decks of cards in a drawer or leaves them sitting on top of a table? When a poker player does not have a ceremonial place to keep their favorite deck of cards, then you need to provide one as an appropriate poker gift.

Top 7 Poker Gifts - Decorative Card Box

You can get a decorative wooden box or a durable metal playing card box, but just make sure that you get a custom inscription on it to make it a personal storage box. Any poker player who does not already have a decorative playing card box will certainly appreciate one as a gift.

3. Automatic Card Shuffler

Are you looking for poker gifts that are relatively inexpensive, but yet extremely functional? Then look no further than an automatic card shuffler. You could buy a very decorative card shuffler, or you could buy a basic unit and add a premium set of cards as an extra gift.

Top 7 Poker Gifts - Automatic Card Shuffler

Some poker players may resist an automatic card shuffler at first because they prefer to shuffle themselves. But after using an automatic shuffler a few times, they will change their minds. Shufflers can prepare a deck ready for a fresh deal in seconds.

4. Good Luck Piece

Sometimes the best poker gifts are the most creative ones. A good luck piece given as a gift could be the very thing that starts your poker player off on a long run of good luck.

Top 7 Poker Gifts - Poker Lucky Charm

You can get a silver, novelty poker chip and have it inscribed to act as a lucky charm - then brush up on your poker chip tricks. or you could get a colorful poker guard that acts as a way to protect their cards and bring good luck. Either way, you will always be remembered for enhancing your poker player's winnings.

5. Real Designer Sunglasses

How are real designer sunglasses good poker gifts? If you watch the pros play, many of them gain an edge by wearing sunglasses at the table. You can offer your poker player the same edge by giving them a good pair of designer sunglasses with dark lenses.

Top 7 Poker Gifts - Designer Sunglasses

If you do decide to give your poker player sunglasses as a gift, just make sure that the lenses are not reflective. In this case, mirrored sunglasses would be a very bad idea.

6. Instructional DVDs

Poker pros such as Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth offer instructional DVDs that make excellent poker gifts for any player. A good poker player wants to know as much as possible about gaining an edge on the opposition and these pros can help your poker player to improve their game.

Poker Gifts - Instructional DVDs

Some players, such as Phil Hellmuth, have series of DVDs and it would be best to get the entire series. The more your poker player can learn, the more they will earn.

7. A Ticket On A Poker Cruise

Your poker player has played at home, in casinos and at friends' houses for years. But there is a good chance your poker player has never played the game on a cruise ship. For that very special poker player in your life, the ultimate gift is a poker cruise.

Poker Gifts - Cruise

You can even reward yourself by getting a ticket to tag along on the cruise, but remember to not get in your poker player's way when it is time to play. There are many different cruise lines that offer poker cruises, and poker-related entertainment on board - compare prices and find the best one for your player.