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Poker Quotes in Film

Poker Movies

Poker movies can inspire us to play better, to play as the heroes we have come to love. Poker movies cause us to believe anything is possible with enough determination. They can be dramatic and serious to highly comical, with great one liners.

Here are the top 10 movies for your next poker night:

#10 "A Big Hand for the Little Lady" -- 1966

When moving to San Antonio, a couple finds out about a poker game. The husband decides to play in the game only to lose all of the money the family has. When the husband suffers a heart attack, it is up to the wife to win all the money back.

#9 "Casino Royale" -- 2006

The banker to the terrorists of the world is playing in a high-stakes poker game to raise funds. James Bond's first assignment as 007 is to prevent this man from winning.

#8 "Maverick" -- 1994

Bret Maverick is trying to raise money to enter a poker tournament. On his way he runs into humorous situations and meeting Annabelle, a charming thief.

#7 "The Cincinnati Kid" -- 1965

Set in 1930s New Orleans, Eric Stoner a.k.a The Cincinnati Kid, is a promising young stud poker player. The Kid decides to make a name for himself by challenging the best poker player in game, Lancey Howard.

#6 "Runner, Runner" -- 2013

A college student is convinced he was cheated playing online poker. He sets up a meeting to meet the man behind the site and is offered a job to work for the owner. Once on the inside he discovers the truth about his new boss.

#5 "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" -- 1998

Four friends have pooled €100,000 to play in a high-stakes card game.  The game turns out to be fixed and the four friends must come up with a way to pay €500,000 within one week.

#4 "Lucky You" -- 2007

Huck Cheever is a very talented poker player trying to earn money to enter the World Series of Poker.  He proves to be his own worst enemy when giving into emotions at the tables.

#3 "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story" -- 2003

Based on the true story of Stu Ungar's rise and fall in the world of gambling.  High Roller shows the Las Vegas Poker scene in its early days.

#2 "The Grand" -- 2007

A funny comedy making fun of the world of tournament poker.  Many poker pros are featured in this movie based around the biggest poker tournament in world, "The Grand".

#1 "Rounders" -- 1998

Mike McDermott loses his bankroll in a high-stakes poker game and decides to quit for good.  When his best friend gets out of jail while deep in debt, Mike decides to start playing again to pay the debt off.

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