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One of around 20 different card games you can play online, Badugi poker is a four card lowball game where the best low hand wins. Players can draw three times to attempt to improve their hand or stand pat with a strong hand. Four flushes count against you but four straights do not, so the nuts is A♥ 2♦ 3♠ 4♣ offsuit.

Badugi is usually played with max 8 players due to the number of cards dealt out. Badugi is mostly played fixed limit.

Badugi Rules - Predraw

Predraw each player is dealt four hole cards. The Small Blind and Big Blind make forced bets and action starts left of the Big Blind as in Texas Holdem. As such predraw is sometimes named 'preflop'.

How to Play Badugi - Predraw

In this hand UTG raises and only SB calls.

Three Drawing Rounds

Action starts left of the Button. Players draw 0 - 4 new cards (discarding cards to replace them from the deck). Three draws take place with a round of betting after each.

How to Play Badugi - Drawing Stages

Both players discard 1 on the first two draws. SB check/calls. Both players again discard 1 on the second draw, after which SB leads out and is called. SB stands pat on the third draw, and UTG discards 1.


Action continues left of the Button

How to Play Badugi - Postdraw

SB again bets into UTG, who calls down.


The last aggressor turns up his hand. Any player with a winning hand must turn up his hand to claim the pot.

How to Play Badugi - Showdown

SB shows 3♦ A♠ 5♥ 8♣ for an 8 Badugi. UTG mucks. SB wins the pot of $43.65 after rake.

How to Play Badugi - Hand Example

See the hand above played out on PokerStars.

 Play Badugi online free at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.