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Omaha Holdem

One of around 20 different card games you can play online, Omaha Holdem poker - commonly just 'Omaha' - is essentially Texas Holdem played with four hole cards. Players choose exactly two cards to use at showdown. Omaha is usually played Pot Limit.

Omaha can be played Heads Up (2 players), 6 Max (up to 6 players) or Full Ring (up to 10 players).

Omaha Rules - Preflop

Preflop each player is dealt four hole cards. The Small Blind and Big Blind make forced bets and action starts left of the Big Blind.

How to Play Omaha Holdem - Preflop

In this hand Hero folds T♥ A♦ 3♣ K♠ in the SB and UTG and BB get all-in preflop after several pot-sized raises.


On the flop three community cards are dealt. Action starts left of the Button, although in this case no more betting action can occur with both players all-in.

How to Play Omaha Holdem - On the Flop

The all-in players flip up their cards. On 2♠ 5♣ A♠ UTG still leads with a Pair of Kings.


On the turn one more community card is dealt.

How to Play Omaha Holdem - On the Turn

UTG still leads with Kings vs Big Blind's Pair of Twos. The pot is $7.92.


On the river one final community card is dealt.

How to Play Omaha Holdem - On the River

UTG wins $7.66 after rake with A♠ A♥ K♥ K♦ 6♠, using the two Kings from his hand.

How to Play Omaha Hold'em - Hand Example

See the hand above played out on PokerStars.