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Online Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Tournaments - PokerStars MTT LobbySeveral online poker tournament series run each year across the major online rooms. These championships include the largest prizepool multi-table tournaments (MTTs) in the world. Taking down a seven figure payday in a single MTT is a dream come true for both professional and recreational players alike.

Below we look in detail at the calendar of events for MTT grinders, and how the rules and setup vary for each.

Site Name Series Name Approximate Date Main Event Buy-in

Americas Cardroom

Winning Millions Each December $540.00


World Championship of Online Poker Each Fall $5,200.00

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Online Poker Series Varies $635.00

iPoker Network

iPoker Online Poker Series Each April-May $100.00*


Spring Championship of Online Poker Each Spring $10,300.00**

* This is a multi-entry tournament, so you can play several seats in it at once at a rate of $100 for each entry.

** There are main events at the low level for $109 and the medium level for $1,050 as well.

Winning Millions at Americas Cardroom

Winning Millions at Americas CardroomIn a tournament that happens just before Christmas, the Winning Millions no-limit hold'em event has a claim to fame for having the largest prize pool in a single event available to American players.

No matter where you live, it's a large tournament with over 600 satellites feeding players into it, and at least $200,000 is guaranteed to 1st.

Satellite Feeder Tournaments

One of the things that makes this such a big event is the fact that there are so many satellites. Every single day leading up to the event, there will be a re-entry tournament with a $109 buy-in that guarantees at least one seat to the Winning Millions. These satellites help to gear the tournament towards recreational players more than winning professionals.

Size and Player Pool

The Winning Millions will typically have somewhere between 1,800 and 2,200 players. You aren't going to run into an overwhelming number of professional players in this tournament. That's a good thing if you want improved chances of winning, though it can be seen as a bad thing if you're wanting to rub shoulders with popular players. Overall, this is a fun and balanced event that's good for trying to win a nice chunk of change without breaking the bank on an entry fee.

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World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars

Known as the king of all online poker tournament series, the WCOOP is made up of anywhere from 60 to 70 different individual events spanning a wide range of different poker games. There's something for everyone with events that start at $109 and that run all the way up into the five-figure range.

Notable Events

Here are some of the more notable events in the WCOOP:

  • The $5,200 no-limit hold'em main event.
  • The $10,300 no-limit hold'em high-roller heads-up shootout event.
  • The $10,300 eight-game mix high-roller event with re-entries.
  • The $2,100 HORSE event with a $200,000 guarantee.
  • The $2,100 short-handed pot-limit Omaha event.

A total of $40,000,000 in guaranteed prizes are available in this tournament series. These are online poker tournaments for money at levels that most players will love to watch, and there are a ton of spectators at the bigger events for just that reason.

Tournament Composition

You're going to run into a lot of professional players in these events. They are often sponsored to play the tournaments with lower buy-ins, so you're frequently going to see them at your tables even if you only play the $109 and $215 buy-in games.

Online Poker Tournament Series - WCOOP at PokerStars

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Full Tilt Online Poker Series at Full Tilt Poker

The FTOPS is known for happening at different times each year, though it typically happens once each year around June or July and again each year around December or January. There are typically between 25 and 30 tournaments in this series.

Small Player Pools With Big Prizes

FTOPS - Full Tilt Poker - Online Poker Tournament Series

Something that makes the FTOPS stand out is that you get sizable guaranteed prize funds with a relatively small number of players entering each event. This means that you'll often have an overlay, and that means some major value since your starting seat will often be worth a lot more than you paid for it.

However, you have to balance this against the fact that the player pools tend to consist of a lot of tough players and big name professionals - bring your A game.

A Focus on No-Limit Hold'em

While there is some variety in the FTOPS events with a few tournaments for games like HORSE, razz and Omaha, the majority of the tournaments use no-limit hold'em structures. This means if you're a NLHE player, then you'll have a ton of options. Along those lines, one of the most popular events in this series is the $55 multi-day no-limit hold'em event.

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iPoker Online Poker Series at the iPoker Network

iPOPS - Online Tournament Series - iPokerKnown as the iPOPS for short, this series is split up into a set of low buy-in events and a set of high buy-in events.

The lower buy-in events range from $3 to $75 per entry, and the higher buy-ins range from $25 to $250. Something that stands out about this series is that almost all of the tournaments have re-buy, add-on or multi-entry options.

Atypical Structures With Huge Values

You will not run into a lot of popular players in this tournament series. However, because of the atypical structures with a lot of re-buys and add-ons, you're going to see players get really crazy sometimes on the early levels. When it comes to online poker tournaments tips for these events, the best thing you can do is play tight and let your opponents spew chips back and forth while you try to take advantage of the action.

The Best Events for Serious Players

These tournaments are not very large, but they do provide some nice guaranteed prize pools, and the players tend to be weaker than just about any other tournament series. Along these lines, the iPOPS is one of the best series that a profit-driven player can get in on if you're looking to take down some big scores.

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Spring Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars

Known as the SCOOP for short, this is the largest tournament series ever in terms of the number of individual events. They are broken up into small, medium and high stakes sections. With 40 to 50 events at each buy-in level, you'll have up to 150 different individual tournaments to choose from.

Multiple Buy-in Options

Here are some examples of the different buy-in levels available in some of these events:

  • A short-handed no-limit hold'em event with buy-ins at $27, $215 and $2,100.
  • A full-ring no-limit hold'em event with re-buys with buy-ins at $11, $109 and $1,050.
  • The NLHE main event with buy-ins at $109, $1,050 and $10,300.

The multiple buy-in levels create a situation that's perfect for people who want to get in on the action without breaking the bank.

Play Against Top Pros in Weak Player Pools

The SCOOP is the perfect mix of going up against large pools of generally weak players while also having a chance to play with big name professionals. A lot of sponsored pros are put into the small and medium events, so you may see them at your tables frequently. However, so many relatively weak players get into these events that you'll have a good chance at having an advantage against the field.

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