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7 Card Stud Strategy Books

Seven card stud has always been a staple of kitchen games since the beginning of poker.  It can still be found in casinos for small limits all the way up to the biggest limit games in the world. Understanding seven card stud strategy is crucial for becoming a profitable mixed game player. These are the top 5 books you should pick up to learn all the nuances of stud.

#5 Seven Card Stud: 42 lessons by Roy West

Seven Card StudRoy West breaks down Seven Card Stud for the beginner in short, easy to understand lessons.  A great book for someone who is looking to get a quick tip here and there.  A quick read from cover to cover at only 176 pages.  Some of the lessons could have used explained WHY you should play this way.

Rating: 6/10

#4 Championship Stud: 7-card stud, stud 8, razz by Max Stern

Championship StudWritten in 1998 when stud was more popular, Championship Stud will explain all three stud variations.  With this book being written before the Poker Boom some of the advice is too tight for today's looser games. 

Rating: 6.5/10

#3 Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players by David Sklansky

David Sklansky's text on stud has a lot of high level information that might scare off the new players. Players looking to get into the higher limit stud games will find this book useful.

Rating: 7/10

#2 Winning 7-Card Stud by Ashley Adams

Winning 7-Card StudA book that will give new players a solid foundation, Winning 7-Card Stud will guide you from the kitchen table to the casino tables.  

Adams explains all the basics to get you playing, but there are no real deep level ideas on the game. Once you move to beyond 10/20 limits, you will outgrow this text.

Rating: 8/10

 #1 Ken Warren Teaches 7-Card Stud by Ken Warren

Ken Warren Teaches StudKen Warren has really captured all the best advice you could ever ask for in a beginner's stud book.  At 360 Pages, you will be getting your money's worth in a book you will re-read and highlight for a long time to come.  Warren discusses all three stud games that are used in H.O.R.S.E. which will prove invaluable to mixed game players.

Rating: 9/10

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