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Poker SlangPoker Slang

Poker slang has become increasingly common with the rise of online poker, instant messaging applications and internet forums.

If you're part of the old guard playing in brick & mortar rooms, brush up on poker terms like those below to improve your live reads.

See the full poker dictionary page for more lingo.

Poker Slang Examples & Correct Usage




Run it Twice

'Do you want to run it twice?'

Only used in cash games where agreed.

The Bubble

'The big stack will exploit the bubble until we reach the money.'

'Are we on a bubble?'


'Unless this tournament gets 50 more people, there’s going to be a significant overlay.'

'There was a huge turn out so there is a ton of overlay.'

Race / Racing

'I got it in with KQs racing against tens.'

Never use race to mean any generic all-in situation. A race is always roughly a 50/50 spot.

Freeroll / Freerolling

'I’m on a free roll. I’m free-rolling.'

Only use the term when you have equity to win outright.

The Nuts

'I raised Ace Ten suited and turned the nuts.'

NEVER refer to AA as the nuts after the flop, unless it is the actual nuts (top set or quads).


'He opens light from the button.'

'He lighted my raise preflop.'


'I hit a pair with backdoor clubs.'

'I backdoored a pair.'


'I raised Ace Three and flopped the wheel.'

'I wheeled a straight on the river.'


'Check-raising there is definitely +EV.'

Avoid the term when it's vague opinion.

Dirty Stack

'Hey man, you’ve got a dirty stack.'

Using 'dirty stack' to talk about the tactics of another player.

Buying/Selling Action

'I sold 40% of my action to some friends at 1.1.'

“Hey man, can I give you money to gamble with for me?”

Swapping Action

'We swapped 10% of each other.'

Players shouldn't softplay each other.

Up Top

'There’s 12k up top.'

'How much is the up top amount?'


Choose to run it twice in cash games at Full Tilt Poker.