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Poker Videos

When it comes to the psychology of learning, one very important concept is the idea of context. We learn the best when we learn in a setting that's similar to the one where we'll need to perform, and poker training videos offer a great way to learn the game with the right context since you're watching hands be played out at actual tables.

There are a number of different sites with instructional poker videos, and you'll want to choose from those sites based on what you're looking to do with your poker career.

Poker Videos: Top Online Poker Training Sites

Bluefire Poker | Rating: 4.6/5

Known for in-depth theoretical videos, Bluefire Poker has a wide range of online poker content. Delve deep into game theory listening to Phil Galfond, Samoleus and Leatherass9. PBJaxx and DrGiggy also provide excellent content, and both crush the online games of today.


Deuces Cracked | Rating: 4.2/5

Some of the best content for beginning players, including the Real Life No Limit Grinder series and theory videos with DJ Sensei and Vanessa Selbst. Has far and away the largest volume of videos (all with no DRM download) and most frequent new content. Mixed game coverage (Stud8, O8 etc.) coverage is also particularly strong with Joe Tall as a coach.

Red Chip Poker

Red Chip Poker | Rating: 4.0/5

Red Chip Poker is a relatively new site, so they don't yet have the extensive range of videos and instructors of other sites, but are doing good things so far - probably the best presented site we've seen. They also focus more on live poker than other sites. Red Chip Poker is led at the helm by noted poker author Ed Miller.


Drag the Bar | Rating 3.0/5

A library of over 1500 videos. Main drawback is a lack of fresh content, although Leatherass9's old videos are still relevant today. Notably DTB is one of the best sites for Limit Holdem players, with SuperNova Elite LHE grinder Paul Hoppe at the helm.


Ivey League | Rating: 1.5/5

Formerly Leggo Poker. Was acquired by Phil Ivey and caters to high stakes players.

Not Available

GrinderSchool | Rating: 2.0/5

A basic site aimed at beginners. Look elsewhere for advanced content.

Not Available

Three Main Types of Poker Videos

If you're going to use these videos to get better at poker, you need to know that there are three different basic types to choose from. Choosing the right type is absolutely critical to your success as a player.

Type 1: Presentations

The first is a basic instructional that takes place while you watch a presentation on the screen with a voice-over. When you watch poker videos in this style, you'll learn basic concepts and ideas that you can use later in your own sessions.

Type 2: Basic Applications

The second type is the low stakes video that often takes place during a real session, and this will put those basic concepts to work. You're not going to be learning how to pull advanced plays in these sessions, but you will be learning how to put together an ultra-solid foundation that will allow you to beat the majority of players at micro stakes and small stakes.

Type 3: Advanced Applications

The third and final type puts you front and center as strategies are explored and discussed on the topic of beating stronger players. Even though the ideas that are found in high stakes poker videos won't necessarily apply to low stakes games as directly as the Type 2 videos, they are still good to watch because they offer more of a "big picture" approach to poker which can help small stakes players to develop a feel for the game more quickly.