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Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator is an online poker calculator that will display information about your own hand as well as the tendencies of your opponent.

Holdem Indicator is available for windows users while iHoldem Indicator is available for the Mac. Both calculators offer the same real time stats for both your own hand strength as well as player profiling.

Features of the Holdem Indicator software are listed below to show you all you will get with a purchase.


While you can purchase Holdem Indicator for €79 (or about $100USD), there are other Indicator products available:

  • Holdem Indicator: €79
  • iHoldem Indicator: $99
  • Omaha Indicator: €79
  • Tournament Indicator: €79
  • Stud Indicator: €59 for a year, €119 for the lifetime license

Heads-Up Display

Holdem Indicator comes with a complete Heads Up Display that can be seen directly on the table or in another window off to the side. Which data is or is not shown can be customized by the user, along with color coding and font size and style. Hovering a mouse over a players HUD numbers will show all the stats being recorded by the poker software for that player.

Detachable Window

For players who don't like to clutter the table, Holdem Indicator offers a window that shows more information at a glance.  Players will be stacked in an easy to read grid of all their stats, those same players can be stacked in order of any category you choose.  On the right hand side players will have access to their win odds, pot odds, and outs to improve their hand. Holdem Indicator Display

Player Stats

Holdem Indicator allows players to search the database to see general stats for any player they have tracked. This feature isn't as detailed as some other poker software, but it will give players a general idea of what that player has done in the past.Holdem Indicator Player Search

Hand Replayer

Holdem Indicator has a hand replayer available for players who want to look at hands away from the table. Options within the hand replayer include showing stats as they were at the time of the hand or as they look overall.Holdem Indicator Replayer