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Holdem Manager 2 (HM2) has become one of the top hand history analyzers in online pokerdue to its multi-layered reporting, stability, and timely updates to keep up with the demands of customers. 

HM2 provides players not only with great analysis but a HUD that can be used on one or multiple tables. Unfortunately, Holdem Manager 2 is not available for Mac downloads.

Features of HM2 are listed below to help you better decide between Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker.


HM2 can be purchased on three different levels:

Small Stakes Package: This package will allow you to use the full version up to .25/.50 No-Limit, .50/$1 Limit, and $22 tournaments. $59.99

Pro Package: This is the full version of HM with no restrictions on stake level. $99.99

Combo Package:  You can purchase both Holdem Manager and Omaha Manager at a discounted price. $159.99

Heads-Up Display

An important part of poker software is to have a specific group of statistics to look at while playing in real time. Commonly known as a 'HUD', Holdem Manager 2 offers a full HUD that can be customized to any size, shape or even color.  Data itself be color coded based on its value.  Hovering over the HUD while it is on the table will show extended stats based on the area you clicked on.

Holdem Manager 2 HUD


Holdem Manager 2 has graphs that can answer any question you have. Some graphs can tell you how well you are running in all-in situations based on percentages. You can also look at how successful moves are in specific situations, for instance how many times you win with a c-bet on an Ace high flop with 2 opponents.  You can graph your opponents lines based on hands that went to showdown.Holdem Manager Graph Examples


HUD Setup

HUD construction is something players new to poker software can struggle with.  Setting up a HUD is more about personal preference than one correct way. Below is a video explaining one way to construct your HUD for ring games. 

Configuring the Holdem Manager HUD:  A Video Tutorial


Holdem Manager 2 offers note taking called 'note caddy'.

Once a note has been taken on a player you will be able to see the note.  A replayer will show the evidence to support the note. Players again may customize what notes they would like to see.  Once enough data on the same note has been collected a graph will form showing how strong or weak the range is in that scenario.

How to Take Notes on HM2


Holdem Manager 2 has many ways to see how your bankroll is growing or shrinking.  By taking a time to look over the data you can find optimal games for yourself.

Finding out what your best stake level is, how many tables to play and what your best game is will increase your win rate. You can review sessions by length to see when you are losing focus. You can spend hours learning ways to use Holdem Manager 2.

 Holdem Manager Reporting Examples

Holdem Manager 2 reporting

Holdem Manager 2 report

Hand Replayer

Holdem Manager 2 has a detailed hand replayer.  When clicking on hands in your database the hand, HUD data, and notes will be recreated from the time the hand was played.  The replayer will update data after a player has acted including pot odds, stack sizes, and notes that were relevant. Hands can be marked for later review for quick locating when you are done with your session.Holdem Manager 2 hand replayer

Read more about Holdem Manager on their website.