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VPN for Poker - Uses & Benefits

Poker VPN - StrongVPNCommonly used by poker players, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections offer a range of security and convenience benefits. Popular services StrongVPNOverplay and HideMyAss are lightweight, affordable tools to add to your poker software collection.

Why Use a VPN?

Using a VPN has connotations of doing something secretive or even illegal, but there are many common, perfectly legitimate uses for VPN connections.

Online poker rooms do not prohibit the use of VPNs, with the exception of attempting to play poker from the US - players there have had their PokerStars accounts closed for using a VPN to play at real money tables.

Play legal online poker in the US with no risk of account closure at Bovada or Americas Cardroom.


Improved Security

A VPN essentially places a 'tunnel' around your public connection, to make it private while still maintaining the functionality of the public network within - you won't notice the difference, but encryption protocols are used to prevent anyone outside the network from accessing your data.

For poker players this means your IP, financial transactions, email, and Skype will all benefit from an additional layer of security. You may even notice improved speeds as VPNs prevent your ISP from monitoring your online activity and deciding to throttle your connection speed. 

Avoid Security Flags While Travelling

If you regularly spend time travelling abroad, you risk your bank account or eWallet being flagged for security reasons when you log in to internet banking from a different country - and rightly so. A VPN is an easy way to make your IP the same as that of your home country, in a few clicks.

In poker the same situation applies - if your PartyPoker account is registered to country A, and you suddenly log on from country B while on holiday, support may freeze your account, and request an explanation by email even if online poker is legal in both countries.

Maintain the Online Browsing Experience

When your country IP changes, Google search results become tailored to that area. Many websites and internet marketers also use geo-targeting to change their content based on where you're reading from. Software downloads may appear in an entirely different language. To keep everything the way you're used to, use a VPN set to an IP in your home country.

In addition, a VPN can be used to unlock online content. Want to watch UK TV programmes on the BBC iPlayer? Need to watch an NBC Sports stream? Find yourself in China without Facebook and Twitter? Missing Netflix and Hulu? VPN services are the solution.

Best VPN Providers

The VPN comparison table below lists prices for three of the most popular VPN companies - all of which offer dozens of country IPs and a range of server options.



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