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5 Essential Poker Snacks

Our top five poker snack picks to get your poker home game started.

#1 - Cashews

Simple but effective, cashews are a great go-to for any social event, including poker parties.

One of the quintessential finger foods, they also involve the least amount of preparation out of the poker snacks on this list.

Poker Snacks Cashews

If you want, you can add your own twist to them. Chili powder works well for a spicier option. Rosemary also tastes great.

In all honesty, you can't really go wrong with cashews. Stock up, and be prepared for your next home poker tournament.

#2 - Quesadillas

Quesadillas are the perfect food for playing poker at home with your friends. They're easy to eat by hand or with a fork, they're not messy, and they're delicious.

They're also fairly easy to make, and really versatile. They're crispy, crunchy, chewy, and you can put so many different things in them.

Poker Snacks Quesadillas

The first rule to making an awesome quesadilla is to use flour tortillas - not the corn tortillas you would use for tacos. Corn tortillas are great for tacos, but quesadillas need the flexibility of flour to hold the cheese and other fillings together.

The second rule is to go easy on the filling. More is better for some things in life, but not when making quesadillas. They just turn out better when they're lighter.

Last but not least, don't cook them on high heat. They burn too easily. Fry each side for around 60-90 seconds at medium heat. They will be crisp to perfection, while melting all the cheese inside.

#3 - Sliders

Sliders come with many of the same advantages as quesadillas. They're versatile, delicious, and easy to make. Depending on how you make them, they can also be pretty clean.

People will also appreciate you going the extra mile to make some real food for them, instead of just opening a bag of pretzels.

Poker Snacks Sliders

The main issue with sliders is making sure all the hamburger patties are the same size. If they're different sizes, they won't cook evenly.

There are specially designed burger presses for mini-hamburgers that will do the trick. Alternatively, you can use a measuring cup or an ice cream scoop to separate the ground beef evenly.

After they're finished, add some cheese, onions, or whatever else you want. They make for some of the best poker appetizers ever.

#4 - Fruit Platters

A fruit platter might not be the first option that comes to mind when you're thinking of snacks for one of your poker parties.

For many people however they're a welcome change from the typical high-fat, greasy options, especially for vegan poker players.

Poker Snacks Fruit Platter

Use toothpicks to make handling easier, and to keep your poker table clean.

Pineapple, strawberries, and cantaloupe are a few popular examples that are easy to eat with a toothpick. You can also mix in some options that can be eaten by hand, such as cherries or grapes.

#5 - Beer

Does beer even qualify as a snack? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you ask too many questions. Snack, beverage, social lubricant; whatever you want to call it, it deserves a spot on this list. Playing poker at home without beer is like watching football without...beer.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to beer. Some enjoy the lighter style of a pilsner or pale lager, such as Corona or Michelob.

Poker Snacks Beer

Others need the thickness of a dark porter or imperial stout, like Dogfish Head World Wide Stout or Stone Smoked Porter.

For your poker home game, don't worry too much about what kind of beer you have; just make sure you have it. Beer is associated with good times, laughter, and it tastes really good. It's also the perfect accompaniment to the other poker snacks in this list.

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