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Room:Black Chip Poker
Network:Winning Poker Network
Date:Mar 31 - Dec 30, 2016
Promo Type:Generic
Prize Value:None
Open/Personal Promo:None
Fixed/Variable Prize:None

Black Chip Poker The Beast

The Beast - Win a Jackpot Playing Cash Games With NO EXTRA FEE

Blcak Chip Poker The Beast

The Beast progressive jackpot has been rake-free on the Winning Poker Network for some time.

The Beast Highlights

  • Every player at  jackpot cash tables competes for The Beast - NO EXTRA FEE
  • A new chance to win cash prizes and tournament seats every week
  • Each weekly race runs from Saturday 00:00 until the following Friday 23:59
  • Cash prize paid end of every Monday
  • Play your tournament the Sunday following the cash prize payout

When you play cash games, you will be ranked on a leaderboard for both cash and tournament seats. Here is how you can earn points:

  1. Sign up for a Black Chip Poker account
  2. You'll earn 1 point for every $0.02 fed to The Beast generated by you using the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology
  3. Play in any cash table. Every cash table is a Beast table
  4. Track your play within the Leaderboard in the poker client by clicking on the Rewards tab under 'Points Race'

Once you started playing at cash tables, you'll automatically be ranked on the Leaderboard. At the end of the week, you will be awarded with cash and prizes based on the Leaderboard finish. Click on 'Leaderboard' in the lobby and you will see your current place in the standings and other details.