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Room:Full Tilt Poker
Date:Jul 31 - Aug 30, 2015
Promo Type:Generic
Prize Value:None
Open/Personal Promo:None
Fixed/Variable Prize:None

Full Tilt Exclusive Avatar Tournaments

Build Your Avatar Tournament Collection

There are a lot of tournaments scheduled each week at Full Tilt for you to win special avatars like the T-Rex, Unicorn, Crocodile and more! Show your pride by building your exclusive avatar collection.

Full Tilt Avatar Tournament

You can buy in to these multi-table tournaments from just $2.50, or win your way into any Avatar Tournament for a fraction of the cost with Full Tilt's satellite tournaments.

Avatar Tournaments Schedule

The Unicorn Sunday 16:00 ET $10
The Crocodile Monday and Thursday 16:00 ET $10
The Bald Eagle Tuesday and Friday 16:00 ET $10
The Walrus Wednesday and Saturday 16:00 ET $10
Velociraptor Monday to Saturday 15:00 ET $2.50
The Raptor Sunday 15:00 ET $2.50
Triceratops Monday to Saturday 15:00 ET $25
The Ceratops Sunday 15:00 ET $25
Tyrannosaurus Rex Monday to Saturday 15:00 ET $100
The T-Rex Sunday 15:00 ET $100

*Winning players will receive their avatar within 48 hours after the tournament ends.