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Professional online poker players stay profitable by making use of all legal poker software available to them.

Poker Software

Poker Hud

Tracking Software

Poker tracking programs import your hand histories, graph your results and output player statistics. You can review your play, plug leaks and use a heads up display (HUD) at the table.

HUDs offer such an advantage over players not using them, that some players have called for their ban. However they are permitted as legal software on the majority of online poker rooms, the logic being they only organise and output information that could be gathered by pen and paper from your database of hands - only infinitely more efficiently.

Whatever your thoughts on poker HUDs, tracking software is a useful tool for the hand replayer and street-by-street bet, call and raise frequencies alone. As a multitabling aid it also displays mucked cards on-screen after the completion of each hand.

Our top pick is PokerTracker 4 for the ability to create your own stats and custom reports. Its sister program Holdem Manager 2 also requires a powerful CPU to run without lag. 

Visit the PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 webpages to compare features and start a free trial.

Poker Resources - TableScan Turbo

Table Selection Software

In the current online poker climate the need for game selection is an unfortunate reality. Time consuming and seen by some as 'bumhunting', choosing the best game, table and seat possible makes up a significant chunk of any grinder's winrate. Gone are the days when every table only had one reg.

Our top recommendation is TableScan Turbo, a cheap legal tool that quickly pays for itself. The lightweight software reads your database of hands, scans all poker client lobbies you have open and tells you where the fish are sitting - loose players you've played against in the past, according to definitions you can set.

The tool also uses AHK scripts to open these profitable tables and auto-seat or auto-waitlist you. Like the fish definitions everything is customisable, from the no. of tables to open to how often to scan the lobby. TST is compatible with all major poker rooms.

Avoid regs, shortstacks, and only sit at the best tables.

Visit TableScanTurbo.com site to start a 30 day free trial.


eWallets for Poker

Skrill - Sign UpUsing an eWallet as an intermediary avoids a paper trail of gambling transactions between poker sites and your bank account. Cashouts to eWallet are instant, as are deposits, making it easy to move your bankroll around for example if your secondary site announces a reload bonus.

Our top eWallet pick is Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), being a little easier to get set up and verified on than Neteller, and with lower fees.

Read more about Skrill and Neteller in our full reviews.

Video Training Sites

When playing online poker for a living it's important to keep working on your game. For a small fee video coaching sites DeucesCracked and DragTheBar allow a month's access to unlimited video downloads with no DRM - watch top grinders talk through their thought processes, even after your membership expires.

For a higher fee BlueFire Poker includes in-depth theoretical poker videos from elite names in the online game, including Samoleus, DrGiggy and in the example below, Phil Galfond.

Read our reviews of each poker training site in our poker videos section.


VPN for Poker

VPN services mask your IP and encrypt your online activity so that anyone attempting to access your information - whether it be financial transactions, your passwords, poker logins etc. - would only encounter encrypted data. In addition being able to choose your country IP prevents poker sites from freezing your account for security reasons when you travel abroad.



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Read more about the benefits of playing poker on a VPN.

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